Monday, February 6, 2012


Death is something that fascinates me. It turns the strongest of people that you've looked up to all your life in to a still, cold body that can't do anything but leave those around it feeling pain and grief. It sucks away every single part of life that was once radiating throughout your body. But it isn't bad enough to take away all the memories you shared or the imprint that a certain person had upon the earth and upon the lives of the people they loved. It still leaves us with something to hold on to. It doesn't seem fair that everyone has to leave some time, but that's what happens, that's just the way it all works and we have no choice but to accept it.
My pop died yesterday and I'm so annoyed at death for taking him before I even got the chance to say goodbye or to see him one more time or to be there for him when he started getting weaker and weaker. I am however thankful that death waited for my dad to get there in time to spend my pop's last few hours with him so that he wasn't alone when his last breath was drawn in to his frail body. Also that it waited for my pop to live a long life and let him pass away peacefully and without too much pain. I know it isn't death itself that controls these types of things but it's nice to fool myself in to believeing that; that death doesn't loom around us our whole lives but at some point just chooses that our time us up and welcomes us with open arms to who-knows-where when it is. I just think it seems nicer that way.

R.I.P pop.

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