Wednesday, January 4, 2012

superpowers: snot stream and sneeze attacks

Those shoes clearly belong in my wardrobe, wouldn't complain if the other stuff just magically appeared there too.

Away from dreaming of clothes, being sick is one of the most boring things ever. I have spent my day lying in bed and on the couch hoping that if I stay still and indoors, I will get healthy quicker seeing as I am not keen on spending the rest of my holidays like with a tap nose never-ending sneeze attacks. I'm also meant to take a blood test tomorrow and going there feeling like I do right now is something I would prefer to avoid. Productivity-wise, I did have a look in to some uni options in terms of where to go and what course to do so the future is looking slightly more promising today as opposed to yesterday. I'm also going to try and read a bit of psychology and biology now so this day doesn't pass by as a completely wasted one. So on that note, I'm off to be just a tad bit nerdy.

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