Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home now

My Saturday was spent in Piteå trying on formal dresses for two hours then shopping with my mum and aunty afterwards. I didn't end up buying anything there but I have now found the dress I'm going to wear online which I'll hopefully order within this week leaving me stress-free over dress hunting. Preparation for the English presentation that I have to do tomorrow and finishing Wuthering Heights, one of the books I may have to talk about, has consumed my whole day today. Reading over notes again and again is pretty much what my night holds. So there you go, a weekend in the life of Emma. Boring, I know but that's kind of what the IB does to your life, sucks away your soul and social-life turning you in to something with the excitement-level of a granny's knitting club.

Also, I found some baggy black pants on sale on Saturday and neglected to try them on in the store so when I got home I found that they gave the appearance of an incredibly saggy penis in my crotch-area. Those pants are now strictly to be worn in my apartment, in my room, when nobody else is around, unless of course I want to fool someone in to thinking I have miraculously grown a massive saggy penis. Which is something I don't plan on doing. Ever.

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