Monday, January 23, 2012

give me summer, and I'll give you my soul

I miss wearing dresses like this where my skin  actually had contact with the sun.
I miss feeling sand going through my toes whilst walking on the beach early on a Sunday morning.
I miss not having a care in the world and letting the ocean wash away all my troubles.
I miss Summer.
I'm sick of it wearing multiple layers and it taking a century to get them all on.
I'm sick of massive jackets that get in the way of everything.
I'm sick of walking to and from school in the dark.
I'm sick of winter.

Today was a bad day. It's days like these that make me wish I could drop everything, give up and just go home. Not seeing a summer since 2010 is starting to take it's toll on me (especially my ghost white body that gets whiter by the day) but life wasn't supposed to always be perfect and bad days like this make us appreciate the good stuff. Only a few more months and I'll be lying on a beach thinking how quickly time passed, probably wishing that it had all happened a bit slower.

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