Tuesday, December 20, 2011

some things you may or may not know about me

I have committment issues, I continusously make empty promises to myself, When I pee before I go to bed I always have the toilet door open, I can't go to sleep unless I read FML on my phone every night, I hate the thought of growing up, I am a master of procrastination, When I'm home alone I turn the TV on so I can hear people talking, I always get sweaty on my walk to school then freak out about smelling like sweat all day, Online shopping is an obsession of mine even though I rarely buy things, swimming at the beach is the most carefree and amazing feeling I know, I'm a daddy's girl, sex is a constant thought in my mind, I hate feeling emotionally weak so I always try really hard not to show it if I'm upset, and I could continue with this forever but I'll leave it at that.
Weird how there's so much more to people than meets the eye, makes me wonder if it's possible to ever fully know a person because it feels like I am still trying to find things out about myself that I never knew.

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