Monday, December 5, 2011


The snow finally came today, let's just see if it decides to stay this time. Now the christmas spirit is really starting to sink in for me and I can't wait until christmas eve where I will be able to spend time with family and eat some of my favourite food that I've been waiting all year to digest in my stomach.
Today I had my new shoes on and I thought I'd take this chance to do a quick outfit of the day. Nothing exciting, but you can't go past a warm and comfy sloppy joe paired with a reliable pair of black jeans

I know the picture is shitty quality but they're just a pair of chelsea boots that I bought from Din sko for 399 (between 60 and 70 aus dollars).

And of course my rings that you will rarely see me wthout. I got them from the bestie and they always remind me of Australia and all the people I love and miss there so wearing them is a must to me.

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