Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy Vs. sad

The good:

  • I changed to an adult credit card today which I'll get in the mail next week, meaning I can buy stuff online 
  • My mum bought us Max hamburgers for dinner tonight
  • I'm going to a tattoo place tomorrow to hopefully book a time
  • Jenny is getting a tattoo at the same time as me so I will not be suffering alone
  • I'm buying new shoes tomorrow
  • My cousins husband that is currently in Australia that stayed with my dad for two nights is coming back here soon bearing a present from my dad for me 
  • I'm going second hand shopping on Saturday
  • I'm going to an all you can eat christamas buffet on Saturday night
  • I have plans for nye 
  • It's almost Friday
  • There's still gingerbread-flavoured brownies left in the freezer

This is the style of text I'm going to use for my tattoo, not with these words or on that place on my body but yeah you kind of get the picture.. 

The bad:
  • I don't have enough money for all the clothes I am desperate to buy
  • I haven't been making an effort to eat healthy or get fit recently 
  • I miss my best friend way too much
  • I have a ridiculous amount of school work to do and I have essays due soon that are not even close to being finished
  • My mum is having a bath and I need to pee really badly and I can't get to the toilet until she's finished which could take forever
  • I haven't finished school yet like all my friends in Australia
  • I miss my dad and brother
  • I'll miss out on a gay night on Saturday because I'll be filling my belly at the christmas feast instead
  • It's winter and I really want to go to running on the beach in a bikini (or maybe shorts and a top seeing as my body is ghost-white and nowhere near bikini ready)
Not complaining though because even though not everything is perfect and exactly how I want it to be, I do have a lot of good things to look forward to and for the first time in quite a while I'm able to tell myself that the future is looking promising.  

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