Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas has come and gone

I have never seen so much food at one time in my life as I have over this weekend where pies, bread, meat, chocolate and who knows what else was shoved down in to my hungry stomach that then turned itself in to a food baby. Today consisted of leftovers creating yet another food baby and leaving my stomach very satisfied over this christmas weekend. Speaking of food, the fist picture is of some bread my aunty made which I thought looked really cool then the second picture is just of the presents I recieved for christmas this year. Excuse the crappy quality as per usual and just in case you can't see anything in the photo here's a list of the latest things you'll find hanging around in my room:

  • underwear (it isn't christmas unless I get some underwear)
  • Body shop coconut shower set
  • Juicy Couture perfume box with 3 different samples
  • lotto ticket..and I won some money from it! (25kr..)
  • tea box
  • eyeshadow
  • bracelet
  • earrings
  • some small purse thing
  • Triple J merch from my dad (tshirt and keyring)
  • and of course money
I'm really happy with everything I got and tomorrow it's off to the christmas sales to see if I can find any new clothes which is always something you can never have enough of.
Ok enough writing from me, time to get back to top model Australia, my latest obsession of course. 

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