Saturday, December 17, 2011


(Excuse the bottom right photo, what I was doing or thinking is a mystery to me)
Thought I'd take some more photos on photobooth but this time when I actually bothered to whack some makeup on my face, wonder if I'm the only one that actually notices a big difference..

Just wanted to say announce (sounds cooler) that there are going to be two changes to my blog from this post on. They aren't big ones though, and maybe ones that wouldn't even be noticed if I didn't feel the need to point them out. Bet you're dying to know now though right?
Well, voila!
Change number 1: The pictures I post are now going to be bigger in size in order to avoid the problem of having to sit there squinting at the screen wondering what on earth the contents of the pictures I post include.
Change number 2: I'm going to put everything I write under the pictures now. Why? I haven't fully worked that out yet. I just think it looks a lot better and gives some context before I start rambling on..I think? Whatever the reason, that's whats going to be going down from now on.
Over and out.

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