Thursday, November 10, 2011

things gone wrong

The last of my tests came back today, maths this time, and as we were going through the test I started to notice there were questions I'd answered that we weren't going through. I then came to the realisation that I'd been given a test with extra questions on it that no one else in my class got and that was the reason I found some parts of the tests near impossible. That is injustice right there, and I actuallty spent so much time trying to work out the answers to the question and I sat there thinking to myself that I must be so stupid for not knowing anything. But I did pass so all is well in Emma's brain for now.
Another thing that never fails to go wrong for me is being able to take good pictures, so it's time for me to accept that camera's are no good friend of mine..

No school tomorrow, going out on saturday night and buying some $100 jeans I've been frothing over for a little while. Life is good.

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