Monday, October 24, 2011

studying like a boss

I have a headache and all I can think about is laying my bed and sleeping for a ridiculously long amount of time. I've been studying since I got home and so far I have written two pages on the Suez Crisis, written notes for possible essay questions on Napoleon, Written out the outcomes for evolution and classification in ecology for biology, read a lot of shit about maths and haven't understood a thing then watched youtube videos on finding the equation of the tangent to a curve and actually learned something (I think..), and written a paragraph for my world literauture assignment in Swedish which is due on Friday. Thank actual fuck that it's the holidays after this week.

Time for me to get some good use out of this really old top because it happens to be quite comfy. The TV is calling me now and two and a half men is about to come on. Why I watch crap like that I do not know, but why question the way things have always been?

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