Thursday, October 6, 2011

fully sick bro

I am finally going to the doctors tomorrow to get a clue about what's been going on with my stomach for what seems like forever. I'm glad that I finally get a chance to figure this out but I am freaked out because I have to go by myself, I don't realy know how to find my way there and speaking swedish to people I don't know scares the crap out of me.
A sore throat seems to have also found its way to my body and I don't want to refuse to get sick! Not when I have plans soon that I am actually looking forward to. Steps taken to prevent getting sick: attacked my body with vitamins, added two cloves of garlic to my dinner, had tea with honey and gurgled salt water. If none of that has worked then someone is going to have a very pissed off girl to answer to.

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