Saturday, September 24, 2011

thinking ahead

Had a laid-back day today which consisted of going for a long walk, skyping the bestie, going to my second cousins first birthday party and chilling at my aunty's just watching some tv and talking. I also, sadly, spent some time looking for formal dresses online even though it is so far away, but the excitment of it all is slowly eating away at me. 
Tomorrow might consist of another walk and most likely a lot of procrastination that is going to keep me from getting any homework or study done.

Here's a dress I found in my search today and even though it isn't really the kind of dress they wear over here for formal, I have still fallen in love with it and desperatelty want it to become a part of my wardrobe. There's nothing wrong with being a bit different.

Found the dress on which is definately a place I will be getting clothes from in the near future. They have a fair few vintage items on here too, happy days!

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