Friday, September 9, 2011

just can't get enough

Thought I'd change up my usual friday favourites post to more of a list of things I can't get enough of at the moment...enjoy :)

  • sweet chilli sauce

I literally haven't been able to go a day this week without putting sweet chilli sauce on at least one of my meals. I'm not the biggest fan of spicy foods but the fact that there is sweet mixed in with the spicy makes it irresistable.

  • reading

Usually I find having to read a chore because most of the time all I am reading is books for school but now I have started reading books of my own choice again which has made my love for reading re-ignite. At the moment I am reading Bridget Jones's Diary and a psychology book about reliability on eyewitness testimony (this one is for school but it is actually a really interesting book).

  • all things vintage

It's no secret that I am a fan of vintage fashion and lately that love has sky-rocketed. I am going to try and buy all of my clothes from second hand stores only because it's cheaper, goes to a good cause and you can find great things that nobody else owns.

  • fishbone braids

Saw one of these on my friends recently and made me really curious about how to do them and even tough I am still sucky at doing them I think they look so good on people with really long hair. As sooon as my hair grows to where I want it to, I swear I'll be wearing fishbone braids every day.

  • Australia's next top model

There always seems to be some kind of tv show that I am watching online and at the moment it just so happens to be Australia's next top model. Such an addictive show and looking at their perfect bodies really motivates me to lose the weight I don't want.

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