Saturday, September 3, 2011

inking myself up

Hoping to get my first tattoo within the next year depending on how much I save and I am so excited over it because it has such a strong meaning to me. I want it to be a quote on the right upper side of my back saying "Av skadan blir man vis" which is a swedish quote kind of meaning you learn from your mistakes.  The fact that it will be in swedish gives it even more meaning to me as well.
Second one is the outline of a small star on my hip and the third one is two small anchors on the insides of my ankles (there's a picture of this one in a recent previous post). Both of these have a lot of meaning to me as well but I don't want to sit here droning on forever about something that only I most likey am excited over. Feel free to ask me though if you are actually interested in knowing!

I am only getting a star on one side but I couldn't find a photo that matched exactly what I wanted so this is as close as I could get.

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