Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the future is fast approaching

A talk with my dad on skype yesterday made me realise how much I really have to think about before I finish school for good. There's what course I want to do at uni, when I'm going to start uni (august 2012 or feb 2013), what job I'll get while I'm studying and where I am going to travel before I get back to Sydney...having a bit of a thought overload at the moment.
I know that I am going to find myself in New York next year but I wanted to do a bit of traveling in Europe too while I have the chance and the best option for me seemed like a tour that I can do over a week or two that will take me to some countries I am desperate to see. This tour seems to be my best bet so far:

Finished watching Australia's top model season 6 today and Amanda didn't win which seriously sucked and now I have no online tv series to follow anymore :'( gossip girl season 5 had seriously better hurry up!

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