Thursday, August 25, 2011

long weekend you son of a gun

I have only had one full day of lessons at school this week and tomorrow I don't even have any school at all which gives me hope that life really does seem to go my way sometimes.
Haven't worked out what I plan to do this weekend yet despite having a few options but we shall see, we shall see...
I do however have a list of things I need to get done come monday morning:
finish extended essay
finish WL1 in swedish
decide on maths IA topic
possibly start psychology IA planning
exercise x1000
biology study
start reading books in history + english
get mum to buy me a school diary
look in to different detox diets
find out when I can buy a new gym card for this term

for now though, it's time to crank the music up and appreciate this thursday afternoon that is leading me in to my long weekend.

tested out one of the tops I got in Australia for the first time today and paired it with my black jeans, my favourite brown boots and my black leather jacket for when I went outside. Also had the odd accessory here and there.

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