Sunday, May 1, 2011

These boots(ies) were made for walkin'

Must say that my clubbing experience was amazing despite being chatted up by an incredibly drunk guy, grinded by another incredibly drunk and creepy guy, hooking up with a guy that kept following me around and despite my first judgement turned out to be really ugly, and feeling like I was going to die the next day (which was mostly because I had a fever). But I got to spend time with a beautiful friend, I danced like there was no tomorrow and I got a free drink from a cute guy that turned out to be really sweet and a terrible dancer which made him even cuter for trying. Clubbing is something I could easily get used to doing every weekend.

Now for today's happenings, when the last of my belated birthday presents came which included money from my aunty and the completed bootsies (that's what I'm calling them at least) that my cousins knitted for me. I haven't taken them off since I got them and they are the most comfortable and amazing things my feet have ever been put into, which made me feel the need to put up some photos of them on here.

only 2 more days until SPAIN!!

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