Monday, May 30, 2011

May faves

Seeing as May is coming to an end very soon, I thought I'd put up ten things that I've been obsessing over this month.

1. Nail polish.
I love that nail polish can change an outfit so much and it's so easy to put on and usually really cheap too. I've been especially fond of neutral tones in nail polish this month like grey and beige.

2. The colour turquoise.
I think turquoise looks so good on accessories and nail polish and matches really well with neutral tones, so it is a really good colour to use if you want to brighten up an outfit.

3. Muesli.
This is my all time favourite breakfast and snack and it tastes to good with some yoghurt and fresh fruit, plus it's really healthy for you and fills you up at the same time.

4. Vintage, second-hand and hand-me-downs.
Vintage clothing has always been something I have loved and I love going out shopping for second-hand clothing because everything is so cheap and I never come home empty handed. Lately, I have been looking more at vintage accessories and I am really hoping to start a small collection of pieces I find here and there. 

5. Bike riding.
My bike has finally come out of the shed this month and I love cruising around on it when the sun is out shining. It's also a really great way to exercise and especially for toning your legs.

6. All things Maybelline.
Maybelline has always been my favourite makeup product since I started using makeup because everything I have used of theirs has always worked really well, lasted a long time and the prices are always affordable.

7. Snug feet.
As soon as I come home everyday I have to put on my comfy shoes because it feels so good having something warm and soft around my feet. The fact that my feet are warm keeps my whole body warm as well. 

8. Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.
These are what majority of my afternoons consist of. I am so thankful that facebook exists otherwise it would have been a lot harder to keep in contact with my friends in Australia while I'm overseas in Sweden. 

9. Travelling.
Going to Spain and having some time free of my parents has really opened my eyes and I have started planning my trip in Europe and to New York once I have finished high school for good and I am longing to hop on a plane and explore the world. A road trip doesn't sound like a bad idea at the moment either...if only I had my license... 

10. Clubbing.
I cannot believe how much I have missed out on before I turned 18! I could honestly spend every weekend in a club drinking, talking to friends, dancing and meeting plenty of cute guys. 

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