Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I came, I saw, I conquered

So I am back home from the two most amazing weeks of my life spent in warm, sunny southern Spain. I can't believe how much I experienced in two weeks and how many great people I met in such a short amount of time. To sum everything up, seeing as telling the long story would take a whole day and a ridiculous amount of writing space, I spent my time overseas eating the best vegan food you could ever imagine, doing volunteer work in a garden which involved planting, weeding etc., experiencing some fascinating spanish culture through watching flamenco dancing, drinking, smoking weed, swimming, eating tapas with some drinks and so much more.
Now it's only a month left until I leave for Australia as well so I am so happy with how everything is going in my life at the moment. Plus I am most likely going out clubbing this weekend, leaving only homework on the negative side of my life list.

I haven't uploaded any pictures from my camera on to my computer yet and I also need to take some pictures of the bag I bought over in Spain. For now though, here's a picture of the perfume I bought at the airport over there which was on sale and smelt so good. I am sure you have already heard of it though seeing as everyone knows about Britney Spears' perfumes.

Fantasy by Britney Spears.

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