Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Legally legal!

I am OFFICIALLY 18 now! I had an amazing time in Stockholm and it was so much fun seeing my cousins and my aunty, and even though I didn't get the big night out I was hoping for, for a number of reasons, I am still really excited to be 18 and sad to be back in Boden again. I'll just have to make sure I get wasted the next opportunity I get..
Anyway, I had a bit of time for shopping in Stockholm and ended up buying three pieces of clothing. I have one photo of something I bought today and I'll put photos up of the other two things I bought tomorrow as well as some other photos I took in Stockholm.

High-waisted shorts from H&M, 99:- (a bit less that AU$20)

Oh and I sent in my booking form for Spain today and I am going to check-in online for the plane tickets as soon as I get some important info from my friend. Can't wait!

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