Sunday, March 27, 2011

Change can be good

I was thinking back to a few months ago when I was still in Australia which made me start to think of the clothes I wore over there. I barely had anything to wear seeing as we had a uniform and to be honest the one thing that makes me glad about moving to Sweden is my change in clothes because now I look like an individual instead of someone that wears exactly what everyone else is wearing. Anyway, here are the things I bought yesterday and I am going shopping for some patterened tights, a knit dress and a little black dress sometime in the next few weeks so I'll get pictures of those as soon as they become a part of my wardrobe :)

I wanted a new singlet top so I saw this and thought it'd be good to wear in winter with a black cardigan, dark blue jeans and black flats or some other black shoes.

I am really into colourful and vintage-like blouses at the moment so I bought this one because it was really cheap (like everything is at second hand stores)  and different to anything I own and I will probably just wear it with a black skirt, some ballet flats or brown boots, stockings and maybe my denim jacket.

This is a really cute hippy looking vest that I am going to wear with a little black dress.

Thought this scarf was really pretty and it'll be good for me to wear when I go to Australia for winter.

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