Monday, February 28, 2011

Online shopping virgin

I spend a lot of my time looking at clothes online and saving them in to a basket hoping to buy them sometime, but I never seem to get any further than that. This time is different though, I have found some great stuff on sale on and they have free international shipping, so it seems now is the perfect time to lose my online shopping viriginty. Just the thought of receiving my very own package full of shoes, clothes and accessories makes me incredibly excited. Here's what I am going to buy:

The bottom from my latest bikini is way too skimpy now so I decided a black bottom would match perfectly with the top instead.

I saw nude coloured heels everywhere in london and thought it was about time to get some of my own and add a new pair of heels to my measly collection.

I am really getting into blouses more and I wanted a baggier one that I could wear with tights, jeans or tuck into a skirt.

Rings seem to be a must have accessory at the moment and this one is perfect to go with basically everything. 

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